Monday, November 24, 2014

"The Molweni Group"

We have been asked to work with a small group of native African members (Zulu's) living in the remote township of Molweni. Their numbers are too few to even qualify as a Branch of the Church. They have been struggling for several years to increase their numbers enough to be made a branch. They are hoping to become a branch soon. They have some extremely strong members there. Most of them have to walk quite a distance, even up to an hour one way, to get to their meetings. We talked to one mother who had her baby tied to her back with a blanket, who had walked an hour that day to get there for church. (And we complain when we have to drive five minutes to get to our chapel at home in Utah!)
Sister Nielsen has been asked to work with the Primary and is having a ball. She recently discovered, though, that Sanae, the Sharing Time leader, will need to translate brief sections of her lessons into Zulu, since most of the younger ones know little to no English yet. She is trying to be able to pronouce each of their names (and with some of those names, it is impossible to tell if it is a boy's name or girl's name).
Elder Nielsen is working with the Gospel Principles Class. And from one week to the next, he doesn't know if the instructor will show up or not, so he must come prepared.
One Sunday we had 6 young people presented with their Seminary or Institute Certificate. They are a valient group of youth, and it was quite encouraging! That Sunday, there was hardly an enpty seat in the old rented school room where they meet.

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