Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Just a Note

We are rushing to get our packing and preparations done to leave after noon tomorrow for the Senior's Retreat in St. Lucia, over three hours away. We have had activities nearly every evening until between 9 and 10:00, so have had little time for the emails we would have loved to put together. We are both dragging, especially Mom, and looking forward to a more relaxed schedule through next Sunday.

You have all been such "troopers" and came to the rescue with emails from all, helping to get us through. Your words of cheers have been a great help. And by the way, Mom's wardrobe looks nearly the same everyday, with this strange navy blue contraption around her middle and over the shoulder (her arm sling). But it makes for easier choices in clothing, but Dad has to help her in every step of the process of getting ready for work, or for bed.

We will try to send info packed emails upon our return, and include lots of pictures of the game drives (had to limit it to a self drive in a car to avoid most of the jarring) and sites to see in the Richard's Bay and St. Lucia areas.

Love to all,
Mom and Dad -- Grandma and Grandpa -- and Judi and DeVon

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