Sunday, November 16, 2014

St. Lucia Seniors Retreat -- Wednesday, November 5 to Saturday, November 8

All thirteen senior couples currently serving in the South Africa Durban Mission, along with President and Sister Zackrison, met at St. Lucia on Wednesday evening for dinner to start our senior retreat, a "South African Safari." Thursday we set out for HluHluwe Game Park (pronouced "shush-loo-wee" since "hl" is pronounced with an "sh" sound). Because of Mom's broken arm and the inability to ride in a safari truck with the other seniors, we rode with the Jaeger's in their car -- a much smoother ride than the bouncey safari trucks, and definitely easier to get into. The Jaegers serve in nearby Richard's Bay and had purchased a one year pass to all the state parks. We are posting a separate blog entry on the 3 different game adventures. This entry is meant to be an overview.
Thursday evening was jam-packed with instruction on the zulu language, zulu dancers who performed several dance numbers along with trying to teach selected senior couples how to perform their energetic movements, followed by a braai (what we would call a barbecue).
Friday we did another game drive, this time to Cape Vital Game Park and Beach. We were again with the Jaegers and saw more of South Africa's wildlife and a beautiful, beautiful beach. Following dinner at a nice local restaurant, we all gathered together for an evening devotional, with each couple sharing a memorable spiritual experience since their arrival to the mission. At the end of the evening, the Zackrison's presented each sister with a beautifu Zulu beaded collar/necklace an the men a ceremonial headband.
Saturday we finished up our Senior's Retreat with a Hippo Boat Tour at the lake near St. Lucia which is known for its over 1200 crocodiles, 800 hippos, and bull sharks which are too numerous to count. We all dispersed to return to our various areas of assignment throughout central South Africa and Lesotho. Had a wonder time and enjoyed the animals.
We are following up this entry with three separate posts: Hluhluwe Game Park, Cape Vital Game Park and Beach, and the St. Lucia Hippo Boat Tour. These posts will be accompanied by a selection of pictures taken at each of the game reserves. It was impossible to capture the beauty and mystique of another of God's Creations -- South Africa.

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