Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stake/Area Conference -- November 22 & 23

Mesages from Saturday Evening Session of Stake Conference:
*** God saved His STRONGEST children for our times, to face the STRONGEST temptations.
*** Musical Item: "When Love Leads the Way" (beautiful!!)
*** Are you TOO BUSY? "B" -- being "U" -- under "S" -- Satan's "Y" -- yolk
*** "African Crows": A family of crows were walking down the road. A man stopped them and said, "Father Crow, why are you walking? Don't you know that you can FLY?" With this new realization, Father Crow thanked the man for teaching him that they could fly. Then the crows continued to WALK down the road. Soon they were attacked by predators who devoured them.
Lesson to be learned: They did not heed what they were taught! Are we like the crows?
*** The Stake President announced that, due to growth, the two Durban Stakes are to be realigned to make three stakes in the South Africa Durban Mission.
*** Half way through the two hour meeting, the electricity went off and stayed off for the rest of the meeting. The speakers continued by using the light on their IPHONES and a small emergency light. It was a memorable experience, with powerful messages shared! A Counsellor in the Stake Presidency, a native African, told of his childhood memories of growing up in a strong LDS family. He remembered when he was about 8 years old, his father would walk with the family to the meetinghouse which was 15 to 16 kilometers away (quite a weekly journey to attend church meetings). There was much civil unrest with the South African people at that time. They encountered a mob that were fiercely fighting, with much bloodshed. As they approached the mob, his father kept moving the family along and the mob parted, so they could walk through, UNHARMED!
Years later, he asked his father about the encounter, "Weren't you afraid?" He answered, "No, I had faith that the Lord would take care of us."
He shared that in the 1980's, a young white LDS missionary brought the Gospel to he and his family at a time of the whites being in fear for their lives, due to apartheid. Yet, if that young white missionary had not had faith and trust in his Heavenly Father, he and his family would not have had the Gospel in their lives.
Messages from Sunday Morning Session -- African Area Conference taped earlier in Salt Lake City. Presiding was President Uchtdorf, with Elder Bednar of the Council of the Twelve, Elder Gay from the Seventies, as well as the current first counsellor in the General Primary Presidency.
Things of Interest:
*** The Area Conference was being viewed by ALL of Africa, being made up of 85 stakes and 64 districts throughout the entire continent.
*** It was announced that henceforth there will be THREE stake conferences per year, rather than the current TWO.
*** "Labola" or a young man paying the bride's parents a large amount of money for permission to wed their daughter, often taking YEAR's to acquire the funds.This practice is seen through most of Africa and was HIGHLY DISCOURAGED by all three of the presiding authorities at the meeting. (For more information, Google "labola".) They were emphatic!
*** President Uchtdorf encouraged the members to pray for the construction of the new temple in Durban to begin, which would increase the number off temples in Africa to 5. Rumors are that the location of the temple is soon to be announced, with groundbreaking hopefully to follow soon after. He encouraged members to work on being temple worthy NOW, even BEFORE the temple is completed.

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