Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bear Lake

The whole family joined us at the condos at Bear Lake for a week-long stay. We filled out days with crafts, videos, snow shoeing and good food. Here are three of the grandkids making mosaic pictures.

Brooke loved to help Krista make rag quilts for baby gifts.

"Help, DaKoda is in jail!" ....fun with grandkids.

Plenty of room for playing with the Bristle Blocks and climbing in the container.

More Adventures at Bear Lake

Krista had lots of space to piece together the rag quilts.

Time was filled with browsing the internet, getting the pop gun ready to shoot Grandpa, crafts, snacking and just "goofing around."
Springtime on the beaches of Bear Lake was chilly, but beautiful.
DeVon is enjoying the view of the lake, while Judi (with her camera in hand) is capturing the view of the condos at Bear Lake.
Brea, Derek and daughter DaKoda are checking out the view from the loft.
This is the whole family crowded into the loft for a family picture. Who took the picture?? One of J.D. and Melissa's foster boys who came along for the trip.
Family members in order above: JD, Melissa, Kyle, Brittney, Brooke, Derek, DaKoda, Brea, JoLyn, Andrew, DeVon, Judi, and Krista.
This is our second year to spend spring break at Bear Lake, and couldn't be better!

Easter Sunday

We were given guest tickets to the Sunday afternoon session of LDS General Conference. Since this would be our last chance to attend conference for a year and a half, we decided to attend rather than just watch on TV. WOW! What an opportunity. Just the two of us drove down to about four blocks from the Conference Center, ate our sack lunch, and walked over to attend Conference. It was a special day for both of us. We couldn't help but realize that those in Australia, where we will soon be, would give anything for this same experience!