Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Fancy Flat - June 13, 2010

Last Tuesday we moved into our “Fancy Flat” at 4 / 26 Montrose Way, Nollamara, Western Australia 6061. By the way, the 4/26 means the fourth flat of 26, and this type of address is common throughout Perth. Elder and Sister Miller, the Employment Centre Coordinators, flew back to Utah by way of New Zealand very early Tuesday morning. We packed up our bags (again!) and spent the day moving into our new flat, then unpacking, hopefully for the LAST TIME!

The view as you drive up Montrose Way, is one large garage door, but there is a narrow approach squeezed in to the right between the mailboxes and the garage door, allowing you to pass through to the six flats tucked into our paved driveway.
Our driveway is shared by those six flats, with ours being straight ahead at the top.
The door to our flat can’t be seen from the front, but is set back on the left. Not much front yard, RIGHT!
Judi’s view, as she is standing at the door, is all the paved (bricked) driveway out to the street.
As you enter the flat, you come into the dining area, with a view of the patio doors out the back. The patio consists of a table and chairs, with a few tropical plants in the corners. This comprises the complete covered back yard, only about 12 ft by 18 ft.
Then to the right of the dining area is the kitchen. (Pretty fancy, huh!) The large open space and the wooden floors make sounds echo.
On the left of the dining area is the living room. All Dad needs is his recliner. No real comfortable seating in this room! The heating and A/C unit is on the left near the ceiling. Australia has no central heating, and this is their deluxe answer to the problem, by adding a unit which will control the temperature for that ONE room. Only the more expensive flats have this type of unit; the rest have only space heaters or fans.
Down the hall, just past the living room, and on the right is the office (or spare bedroom). This is where we set up the computer and where Mom is SUPPOSED to exercise (but its COLD in this room in the morning!)
Next on the right is the HUGE bathroom. Notice the clear glass sink bowl. This sure seems strange to us, and hard to keep clean. There is also a shower (on the left of the picture) AND a bathtub.
At the end of the hall is our bedroom with LOTS of closet space. Dad gets the ONE door on the left; the other two are Mom’s. There is also a heating and A/C unit on the wall of this room, and it does manage to keep this room toasty all night long.
We are really living it up! And NO we aren’t on vacation. But after working in the office all day, Monday through Friday, it is like HEAVEN coming home to our “Fancy Flat.”

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