Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Imfamous MARANGAROO Flat

“The Imfamous MARANGAROO Flat.” (That’s apartment to those of you from the states.) Last spring, one of the senior couple’s flat was flooded. It’s still can’t be used, so the mission was short a flat for the senior missionaries when we arrived. One set of Elder’s had to move out of their flat and in with another set. We are temporarily staying in their flat until another couple leaves next Tuesday. Needless to say, “it’s the PITS” (inside joke). The furnishings are VERY sparse, mostly second-hand (DI type), and no creature comforts. The first morning, we discovered THERE WAS NO HOT WATER! And the temperature in the flat is FREEZING! Australia has no central heating, just space heaters, which don’t heat up anything! Our bed consists of two twin beds pushed together with a queen mattress laid on top, and two heavy wool blankets, and we still sleep COLD. Because we were only going to be here just under two weeks, we haven’t really unpacked, just hung up enough clothes to get us by. The spare bedroom serves as “walk in closet” with suitcases laid out on tables, etc. The Mission President’s wife purchased a live bouquet of Australian flowers, a bowl full of Australian treats, place mats and towels, along with cereal, juice, and toiletries to get us started.

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Wow!! Looks really cool.