Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas at the Nielsen's -- 2009

The entire family gathered at our home early evening on Christmas Day. We were all thrilled to be together for this holiday before Mom and Dad leave for Australia in March. We were all excited, but also a little teary over our gifts, which often centered around Australia -- like Australian money, web cams, Australian movies, etc.

This entire group picture was taken for the cover page of our 2010 family calendar. "Aren't we a handsome group!"

It seems impossible that our five kids have grown and matured SO MUCH and are each priceless to us.

J.D. and Melissa, Kyle, Brittney, and Matt. We got to steal Brittney and Kyle for a longer visit and had a super time. Matt had to be back to work at WalMart since he is earning money for his upcoming mission.

Brea, Derek, Brooke and DaKoda. Christmas is SO special when enjoyed with little ones! We loved their excitement over even the smallest thing. We will always remember DaKoda running up to others and in a low voice, saying "I'm Santa, Ho,Ho,Ho!" But the dress-up trunk was also a highlight, with Brooke dressing up in her wedding dress and inviting each of us individually to her wedding!

Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids. WOW -- we hope they don't forget us while we are gone!

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