Friday, January 1, 2016

MORE Fascinating Photos!

Here they don’t just play with Tonka Trucks, they drive them!

In South Africa, they have to remind you to STOP & WAIT for the green light.

Taxi stand and street market in downtown Durban.

Monkey on our balcony begging for food (3 ft. from our door).

View of 1000 Hills from the other side.

Ready for the Missionaries at Zone Conference lunch.

 View of Durban’s “Great and Spacious Building”.

Sending off a local new Missionary.

Prospective Sister Missionaries – one between Elder & Sister Nielsen, is now serving in Ghana.

Sister Nielsen’s Primary kids celebrating Sister Saneh’s departure on mission.

Nielsen’s & Poelman’s at the Mission Office (before their release)

A South African “Tuck Shop” (Your corner grocery store – very enticing!)

Petted a cheetah and we still have all our fingers.

 A mongoose

Mom, Dad & baby Elephant

Lion on the prowl

Cheetah overlooking his kingdom

Running of the wildebeest

Giraffe in trees

A majestic giraffe

 A dung beetle

Zulu Medicine Woman

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