Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Got the package today. It was given to the AP's by Sister Zackrison and they have been carrying it around with them.

We could only open half of the package..........the other half said DO NOT OPEN over and over again in big letters, even until THANKSGIVING!!

Thanks for the Tootsie Rolls....and the Motts....and the candy corn....and everything else. But we also found some tiny gremlins in an egg carton. Strangest thing....they all had on white shirts and ties! What a fun, fun surprise after an EXTREMELY ROUGH DAY AT THE OFFICE!!! The power was turned off for lack of payment to a Senior Couple's flat (where JD and Kyle got the mattresses). Elder Snell had just gotten home of the hospital after surgery. It took all day to find out WHY and how it was going to be resolved. However, it seems that from past experience, it takes three days to get it turned back on. They are under the Area Office in Johannesburg who is supposed to pay rent and utilities, and the electricity never got paid.

We certainly needed the GOODIES to sweeten our dispositions again!

Thanks for all your help and prayers. We love all of you lots,
Mom and Dad

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