Saturday, December 11, 2010

Summer Wonderland and Ward Christmas Breakfast

We had a ball last night at the "Summer Wonderland" even though I was stuck in the office most of the evening. Dad kept slipping out to take lots of pictures, then finally my work computer crashed and we couldn't access the internet on any of the other computers, so I had to quit. We went out and watched the last of the Polynesian dancers (a group from the Cook Islands), then got to see the last number -- the Fire Dancers. They were fantastic. They figure there were around 800 people in attendance during the evening. I still have to enter the information on EVERY family who had their picture taken -- member or not. Then in about a week, I will drop all the members. This will foul up statistics, but make it easier to track the non-members who attended, but still have a list of all members who attended that can help with fellowshipping the non-members.

This morning at the Ward Christmas Breakfast, we had all the fruit, sausages, hashbrowns, rolls, English muffins, eggs, and juice that you could ever want to eat. Things were cooked on the grill there at Trigg Beach. Then Santa made his appearance, passing out the "lollys" and calling all the kids, including Dad and I, by name, then left to check on his reindeer. Then we took a walk along the beach and took some great pictures. Then it was time for the party to break up. We then drove down a little farther to Hillarys to visit the shops until it was time to go to our lunch appointment. A couple who had been in our temple prep class had invited us to lunch. Talk about getting full!!!!

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